Screaming in Sweden

Off limits
February 1, 2007, 8:05 pm
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Have been in a bad mood all day. Or rather a little of something that makes the concoction of a real bad mood. A little angry, a little tired, a little I-want-to-squeeze-the-hell-outta-someone.

*turns head slowly and checks if that someone is watching*

So anyway, I concocted tortilla à la Venezuela, which is essentially tortilla wraps with a mush of pork, paprika, onion and garlic, in tomato sauce spiced with hot chili. Could have tasted better with guacamole though. But it’s just so damn hard to find a ripe avocado at the stores here. Like finding a needle in a haystack.


The thing is, that someone does not even understand what the hell is really going on. (N2S: Let’s call that someone Mook) Believe me, I wouldn’t if I were in Mook’s shoes. Call me woman. Blame the hormones. Not the word I’d use often, but, whatever…

Honestly, the neighbor is really getting on my nerves. For three consecutive days, he’s been playing his stupid circus music. Like his music ain’t stupid enough, we can hear him and his friends clapping, singing, dancing, yelling, whatever.

*pulls out hair hysterically*

Maybe I should go talk to Mook and tell Mook that I have issues to sort out with Mook.

Troll: Issues?
Mongo: What issues?
Troll: I wouldn’t know!
Mongo: Then how would I know?!

Not an alternative. *sighs*
Maybe I should go get a glass of red and take a bath. Maybe I should go scream at the neighbor’s monkey face. Maybe I should try on my new top just one more time and look pretty in front of the mirror. Whatever.


You still here?

*applause applause*


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