Screaming in Sweden

Fatty Tuesday and God of Prosperity
February 22, 2007, 8:49 pm
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Life’s going a little crazy these days. So much to do, so little time.


Like when I talked myself into eating this thing called semla – a type of pastry with lots of whipped cream and almond paste. According to a local newspaper, more than 4 millions of semla (semlor to be exact since it’s plural *rolls eyes*) was consumed in Sweden this year. In just a day!

That was last Tuesday (fettisdag or fatty Tuesday *s*), which was supposed to mark the last day before Lent, or the day before Ash Wednesday. Gotta fill the tummy up with fat before fasting, I guess. Anyway, not a big fan. A little too Swedish for my taste heh.


That aside, last weekend, being a typical food-loving Malaysian, I dragged Him along to a Chinese restaurant located 60km away from where we live just because I got to decide on this happy day. And I mean Chinese New Year, of course.

*prancing around impersonating the lion dance*


We had the total package: dimsum (Chinese breakfast), menu in Chinese (not that I read Chinese but it was cool), beer, and not forgetting the Chinese New Year’s God-of-Prosperity-song in the background.

*choy san dou choy san dou*

And I used to get real mad because my Mom would always pick a radio channel that plays CNY-songs on the 4-hour-drive from KL to Penang, my hometown.

Shoot me – but I downloaded that damn song at work the very first thing last Monday. Oh well.


At least I was happy on my way to work this morning. And it was more than 10cm of snow everywhere. This bloody picture doesn’t do no justice. One of the bloggers I read often has better photography skill, on foot. *winks*


Sepet-eyed or silly creases
February 10, 2007, 5:49 pm
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too nasty for the eyes

The Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, recently stated that “the number of Pan-Asian models would be reduced on television.”

Two things bug me to bits here.

Pan-Asian? Now what exactly did he mean by that? Well, of course, as a Malaysian myself, I am completely aware that the term is inaccurately, but very commonly so, used to mean Asian people with ‘mixed parentage’ looks, usually also known as ‘Eurasian’. Or the magic word ‘international’, depending on where you’re coming from.

Doesn’t the word ‘pan’ when used as pre-fix mean ‘whole, or all’? Of course it does! So that makes the term Pan-Asian ‘everything pertaining to Asian people, values, culture, etc’. Or am I completely spaced out here?

Now that’s one thing.

The other thing is that ‘the move is seen as giving others a chance‘. How generous! So, the girl with big eyes and thick curled eyelashes are to be banned so that the brown-skinned Malay or the sepet-eyed Chinese girl get a chance to be on the cover of the local Cosmopolitan. Why, thank you! Yay for us yellow flat-nosed people! Like this movie maybe…

*rolls my sepet eyes*

Anyway, that aside, I can sort of see his point in banning so-called Pan-Asian models in local media since Malaysians in general adore anything associated with the Angmohs. Deep rooted societal inferiority complex from the colonial days, coupled with years of daily dose of Angmoh looking people in the media. Let’s face it. Malaysians perceive an advertisement as being more ‘international’ if you have a model that looks Asian, but with a bit of Angmohs’ qualities. You know lah – white skinned, round eyes, pouchy lips…. It’s higher status, you see. More mah.

*points imaginary gun to head*

Bear in mind though that blond or too Angmoh is a big no-no.
We want it subtly done.

That’s just how sick we all are. Like the people I know who would pay a fortune or go through lots of pain just to get silly creases on their eyelids which don’t fill a bloody function!!!

*releases the trigger lock*

So-called ‘double eyelid’. A term that is almost nonexistent in your vocabulary if you’re not Asian.

Troll: You know, once I was telling Him that a friend of mine just went through a double eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty if you fancy), and He looked at me as though I just stepped down from an alien spaceship.

There you go.

You smell
February 9, 2007, 6:12 pm
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My brother’s 21st birthday. A freedom age, where you get Da key. Our 5 years anniversary. Can you believe it? 5 years with this monkey man. Sometimes smelly, sometimes angry, but most of the time sweet and kind. *s*

Is it just me who’s complaining how smelly men are at times? Hope not. But they do sweat more than women do. No matter how much He uses His deodorant, it just does not kill the smell – especially after a long walk in the forest. I try concentrating on the smell of tree barks, grasses, my jacket, whatever smells better than Him.


I’m being mean now. He’s not that bad. At least He showers every day (unlike common myth about Angmohs in KL *haha*) and He doesn’t have BO. Like a friend I used to hang out with at uni. How could you tell someone – “Hey, you smell, please don’t come near me!” or *pretending to unconsciously step away everytime the friend gets close*

*pinches nose*

Ahh the dirty dishes with old salmon bits. Eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Luckily we’re going out tonight and will be too tired (or too ‘happy’) to notice the smell when we get home later at night.

Off limits
February 1, 2007, 8:05 pm
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Have been in a bad mood all day. Or rather a little of something that makes the concoction of a real bad mood. A little angry, a little tired, a little I-want-to-squeeze-the-hell-outta-someone.

*turns head slowly and checks if that someone is watching*

So anyway, I concocted tortilla à la Venezuela, which is essentially tortilla wraps with a mush of pork, paprika, onion and garlic, in tomato sauce spiced with hot chili. Could have tasted better with guacamole though. But it’s just so damn hard to find a ripe avocado at the stores here. Like finding a needle in a haystack.


The thing is, that someone does not even understand what the hell is really going on. (N2S: Let’s call that someone Mook) Believe me, I wouldn’t if I were in Mook’s shoes. Call me woman. Blame the hormones. Not the word I’d use often, but, whatever…

Honestly, the neighbor is really getting on my nerves. For three consecutive days, he’s been playing his stupid circus music. Like his music ain’t stupid enough, we can hear him and his friends clapping, singing, dancing, yelling, whatever.

*pulls out hair hysterically*

Maybe I should go talk to Mook and tell Mook that I have issues to sort out with Mook.

Troll: Issues?
Mongo: What issues?
Troll: I wouldn’t know!
Mongo: Then how would I know?!

Not an alternative. *sighs*
Maybe I should go get a glass of red and take a bath. Maybe I should go scream at the neighbor’s monkey face. Maybe I should try on my new top just one more time and look pretty in front of the mirror. Whatever.


You still here?

*applause applause*