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Pizza, wind and KL
January 31, 2007, 8:50 pm
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It’s almost 2100. And I’ve just gulped down a huge salami pizza. Yeah, feeling a little guilty now, just a little, since I was supposed to work out after work today. I blame the weather. So windy I was almost blown away into the traffic while waiting to cross the streets!


To everyone who was at work today and noticed my subtle gesture fiddling with my hair… Yup, was self-conscious all day long. My hair was kinda raw today. Blown and tortured by the coastal gusts of wind on my way to work.

There you have it. Though I’m pretty sure that no one noticed. Just like when I had my haircut about 6 weeks ago and someone asked me today, “Did you have a haircut?”

Um yeah. Thanks, I guess.

(N2S: My eyelids turn reddish too when the wind blows… tummy growls…)

So anyway, He’s going out tonight with his newfound politics-interested friends. To a freaking quiz night. Organized by the PSSAL, or to those who are new to this, the Political Science Students Association in Lund. Enough said.

*rolls eyes*

That aside, I realise that I do not have much to do at work. Before Mom and Dad start freaking out, my boss already knew. In fact, I think everyone knew with me constantly bugging for more work. Or the second I hit Enter after typing, mister Copywriter and/or mister AD get up for a cup of coffee and ‘accidentally’ catch a glimpse of my screen!

They know. So bug off! *oops*

An eager beaver, He calls me. Well not really, just bored. I cannot just sit there and pretend to work, can I? Hmm… *light bulb*

The funny thing is imagination conquers one’s mind when one is bored. Better imagination than hunger. I imagine shopping and bustling about KL – after all those reveling stories from a workmate who had just been there for honeymoon. I imagine the motorcyclists squeezing their way through the heavy traffic, little Kancils and Kelisas, shocking pink minibuses, grey concrete walls and highways, cobblers (er… shoe polishers to be exact) sitting along the streets, waiting for someone who’s willing to pay RM5 (10 kronor) for a pair of bright shiny shoes…

Homesick was never the word I knew. I know now. *sighs*

OK so I made up the PSSAL thingy. Though I must say it was a good name indeed.


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was in OneUtama and Midvalley… “shop shop shop” till drop kind… not veli difficult to imagine! Remember the wet and dirty Malaysian toilets … i think you don’t want to imagine that.. been hard for me to get used to them .. *puh* (pinching my nose!)

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