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Nanny State
January 30, 2007, 7:04 am
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My dentist had been trying to reach me several times since January without any success. I had been calling a few times too, but only found myself standing in the long telephone queue. Today, finally, I got through and found out that they had been calling only because they wanted to get my bank account number so that they could bank in a sum of money which I had paid in access by mistake.

Now, how cool is that!

I know that Folktandvården (the State dental services) are not profit hungry, but coming from Malaysia, this really opens up my eyes. The luxury of being able to trust the authorities or the State.

Maybe I’m just naive – my ex-lecturer once told me, “You’ll be the easiest employee to be pleased in Sweden”…

Ignorance is a bliss. *s*


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You are so right!!! We are the Nanny State, and mostly, that feels kind of comforting – safe, even. But sometimes … nanny becomes “big brother”, less comforting.

Comment by helena

Nanny can be quite a nag too. Excuse me but today’s nanny ain’t so nanny anymore… Can’t wait till the next election *winks*

Comment by lingon

Cool! It really impressed me! I bet this would never happen in Malaysia!

Comment by Kit Yeng

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