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Back to where it’s all begun
January 21, 2007, 7:55 pm
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And finally, the computer has returned to its rightful owner! I haven’t been blogging at all these few weeks, and I’ve realised that I haven’t actually missed it. It’s just not as fun anymore. The enthusiasm I had when I was trying to get it all started is now gone…

But perhaps, with my new job and everything, I have now gotten into a quite boring but healthy routine:

0605 – me alarm rings
0625 – get out of da bed, switch on svt1 (good morning sweden)
0630 – with da tv on, eat breaky (vanilla yogurt 2% fat with mueslis), flippin thru papers
0650 – shower, dry me hair, fix it with lots of hair products, do all da girly routine
0720 – get dressed
0745 – make coffee (Zoega coffee is made in Helsingborg heh) to lure Him out of bed and so He’d be happy or obliged to drive me to work ;)
0800 – go to work
1715 – go home from work
1730 – cook, eat, TV, gym (if any), clean up
2250 – get ready to go to bed, read
2330 – zzzzz…

and it goes on and on. And that’s why I appreciate weekends more than ever now. I love my job though, but quite frustrating sometimes that it’s kinda hard to explain when someone asks me “What do you work with really?”….

Well, I do lots of stuff that are hard to ‘quantify’ really. Lots of stuff that need to be done, and no one else but me find time to do it. It’s also tough that just when you think you know it all, you dont. People do have different work culture here, I think. Lots of nice words and pampering and encouragement, close and caring relationship with workmates and bosses, real flat management style, play hard work hard… you get the point. It can get a little too diplomatic sometimes but I believe it does motivate the employees better. In subtle way, you feel loyalty to the company straightaway… and you ask me why.

*raises one eyebrow*

Sometimes small things make all the differences. Like small gestures that some of my workmates trying to make me feel welcome… like a smile from a stranger when your eyes meet… like when my mom rang on my work phone on my birthday and told me that I’ve gotten a single ticket back home… *sighs blissfully*


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Dudette… When is your air ticket dated?

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