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Lazy week
November 29, 2006, 11:58 pm
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Packing is so boring. That’s why we haven’t packed much at all considering that we’re moving this Saturday. Feeling a little guilty since I’m currently on leave from work for a week and I’m supposed to pack, technically. Our plan now is to pack like crazy tomorrow night and clean like mad on Friday and to make sure that we’ll have some time left for a quick last trip to the nation (=student pub) before we leave for good heh. OH We’ve got lots of banana boxes this time! They look kinda lame. I remember we used paprika boxes last time and they were more compact and colourful, too. Not that looks matter!!!


I’ve had my Swedish exam this week too. We are tested on comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. Must say that I like the writing bit the most. Will be doing a 10 minute presentation on Olof Palme tomorrow as part of the speaking test. I was a little sceptical at first – yes, it was His idea – but now that I’ve dwelled on it a bit I must say that he was really a fascinating guy. All I knew before was that he was once the Swedish Prime Minister and a famous politician who got murdered. Shame on me. *spank spank*

And now I’ve learnt he meant so much not only to the Swedes but to many others in world. He was a socialist from an upper class family. He became the voice for the weak around the world. He was outspoken, courageous, an enchanting speaker. Watching the archived news about Palme’s murder on the net makes me wonder what I was doing then on 28 February 1986. Where was I then? My brother was born two weeks earlier so I guess we were busy with that… but I couldn’t recall anymore than that.

Anyway, here’s how surprised He is when He finds out that I’m using His idea…


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the picture of Him just gave me a big shock that I wanted to just close the picture, I closed the entire explorer!!! =)

Comment by louisekoh

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