Screaming in Sweden

November 21, 2006, 9:48 am
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Today has been fine so far. Until when I was getting dressed for work…

It was then when the morning show on svt1 was showing a preview of all the programs for the day. One of the program – “böcker från Kina” or books from China. The trailer showed clips from a typical Chinese scenario – people on bicycles, shop signs with Chinese characters, neon lights, etc. But guess what, they played Thai music in the background!!! I do enjoy watching svt, the Swedish public channels, but this is just too annoying!

UGGH I mean, don’t they have people checking on stuff like that? Do they just play anything sound Chinese to them without actually having some ‘quality control’? Sick and tired of people who cannot tell the differences between us damn ‘yellow’ people… :cool:

Just to make this into a bigger deal, I promise I’ll send an angry mail to svt. :twisted:


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I’ve encountered once with one of the evening news by Phoenix Satellite TV. The broadcaster was greeting all the Muslims a happy Hari Raya (Muslim’s New Year) while playing video clips of Indians dressed up in traditional Sari happily celebrating Deepavali (Festival of Lights-A major Hindu Festival)! Fainted!

Comment by Kit Yeng

hehe what curse on us Malaysians who must know everything :P

Comment by lingon

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