Screaming in Sweden

Lazy week
November 29, 2006, 11:58 pm
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Packing is so boring. That’s why we haven’t packed much at all considering that we’re moving this Saturday. Feeling a little guilty since I’m currently on leave from work for a week and I’m supposed to pack, technically. Our plan now is to pack like crazy tomorrow night and clean like mad on Friday and to make sure that we’ll have some time left for a quick last trip to the nation (=student pub) before we leave for good heh. OH We’ve got lots of banana boxes this time! They look kinda lame. I remember we used paprika boxes last time and they were more compact and colourful, too. Not that looks matter!!!


I’ve had my Swedish exam this week too. We are tested on comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. Must say that I like the writing bit the most. Will be doing a 10 minute presentation on Olof Palme tomorrow as part of the speaking test. I was a little sceptical at first – yes, it was His idea – but now that I’ve dwelled on it a bit I must say that he was really a fascinating guy. All I knew before was that he was once the Swedish Prime Minister and a famous politician who got murdered. Shame on me. *spank spank*

And now I’ve learnt he meant so much not only to the Swedes but to many others in world. He was a socialist from an upper class family. He became the voice for the weak around the world. He was outspoken, courageous, an enchanting speaker. Watching the archived news about Palme’s murder on the net makes me wonder what I was doing then on 28 February 1986. Where was I then? My brother was born two weeks earlier so I guess we were busy with that… but I couldn’t recall anymore than that.

Anyway, here’s how surprised He is when He finds out that I’m using His idea…


November 21, 2006, 9:48 am
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Today has been fine so far. Until when I was getting dressed for work…

It was then when the morning show on svt1 was showing a preview of all the programs for the day. One of the program – “böcker från Kina” or books from China. The trailer showed clips from a typical Chinese scenario – people on bicycles, shop signs with Chinese characters, neon lights, etc. But guess what, they played Thai music in the background!!! I do enjoy watching svt, the Swedish public channels, but this is just too annoying!

UGGH I mean, don’t they have people checking on stuff like that? Do they just play anything sound Chinese to them without actually having some ‘quality control’? Sick and tired of people who cannot tell the differences between us damn ‘yellow’ people… :cool:

Just to make this into a bigger deal, I promise I’ll send an angry mail to svt. :twisted:

A quick update
November 20, 2006, 6:13 pm
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My friends in KL are wondering what is really goin on with me… my new job, new home, new friends, and everything else. The truth is I was a little too excited about the move in the beginning. Perhaps I had I’d forgotten that I’d still be in Sweden, north or south hehe

I realise now that I’ve been fooling myself into believing that I’ve moved to a warmer city with more hours of daylight. It’s actually pretty cold here because of the frickin wind. Pretty bad insulation in this office apartment too – I freeze every night and sleep with screaming siren from the nearby streets. For some reason that reminds me of my apartment in Melbourne. Good memory. I’d miss the luxury of not having to get out of the building when I go to work though. Maybe not.

Still cannot believe that I am working today. The real world, they say. Hmm I don’t know about that. It sounds sort of negative to me. Maybe I’m lucky to have a job I like.

*smiles proudly*

Like they say, get a job you love and you’ll never work a day. I still want my pay of course…! Until then I’ll just dream of those shoes I saw the other day at the store… :)

Also added some random pictures I took last Sunday.

November 9, 2006, 5:41 pm
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Took a little look at our ‘future’ apartment today. Happy, or not… I don’t really know. It looks kind of cosy with a french balcony but I’d prefer a real balcony of course. Luckily we’ll get to pick our own wallpapers for most rooms as now they are orange, blue and green. Not too pretty. Too bad there wasn’t any lamp in the apartment so these pictures didn’t turn out too great. A little peek anyway.


Quadro Pops rocks and IE sucks
November 7, 2006, 5:45 pm
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I got a new phone from the company and well, it’s nice and sleek and all… but the best thing is that it comes with Quadro Pops! haha I love it (though not so much anymore since it doesn’t go any faster after level 9)! Everyone who has a new Sony Ericsson knows what I’m talking about. I love it so much that He challenged me to beat my own high score one day. If I did beat it, he’d buy me any pair of boots I like. I beat it! Still waiting for my boots… hehehe

Not much happened today at work. Got a full lecture about branding… and something weird happened to my Explorer. Long story so I’ll skip it. I’ve actually written the whole bit but it’s just too long to publish :)

November 6, 2006, 5:26 pm
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My first day at work today! Woohoo! Everything is new and exciting! My new home turned out to be really warm (to be in Sweden that is) and windy… Quite surprised that the office has this breaky session every day where all employees will eat their breakfast together before going back to serious work. And I love this ‘flextid’ thingy… you can decide when you wanna stay over or sleep over, just make sure that you work 40 hours a week! They should have this everywhere really – such a freedom!

My temporary apartment is a little strange. It’s been ‘shaking’ quite a bit – perhaps it comes from the laundry room which is located right next door. It vibrates a bit too when people walk pass the corridor. Scary – reminds me of the tsunami aftershock I was and still am convinced I’d experienced in KL almost 2 years ago.

November 3, 2006, 8:12 am
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That’s it. We are leaving any minute now. Ohhhh I’m going to miss my ibook so much! :(