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Renewing my 10-year-old passport
October 30, 2006, 4:47 pm
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me old passport

My passport expires on the 1st of November and I thought that it would be okay to renew it after it expires. Well it’s not okay of course. I have to travel to Stockholm by Friday (the day I’m moving down south) and it’s not that smart to travel all the way from Helsingborg just to fill up form IM42 in front of the embassy staff. I thought I could just send it through the net or something. But I guess they need my damn thumbprints…

Besides that I have to make several photocopies of my old passport, my IC (Malaysian identity card) and the bank cheque (which costs me SEK120 for bank fee and will take 3-4 days to get it done! Is that normal??). Thank god we have a multipurpose printer and besides printing, it works as a copy machine as well as a scanner. Surely that saves me heaps of time and money as photocopying here costs about SEK5 per page, i.e. if you refuse to purchase one of those prepaid card and queue up for the self-service copy machines.

Then I have to take some passport photos. OH I hate taking passport photos. It never turns out right. It always ends up somehow looking awful and clinical. And it DID. Anyway that costs me another SEK99 for 4 copies.

Plus SEK85 for stamps which will be used to forward my application to London with registered mail. Apparently they cannot issue new passport at the embassy in Sweden. Add another SEK71 if you wish to have your passport sent to you by registered mail, which I do (makes sense since it costs SEK1,000 for a return train ticket from Helsingborg to Stockholm, and i.e. with youth rebate, i.e. under 26). Not forgetting the passport itself costs approximately SEK700 (£50). Note that I will have to pay SEK3 for form IM42 too.

Adding my trip to Stockholm from Uppsala (ca SEK100), the whole process of renewing my Malaysian passport amounts to a whopping SEK1178! 8O

Oh well. At least I won’t have to live with my 10-year-old passport no more…


A happy autumn at last!
October 29, 2006, 10:37 pm
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autumn in uppsala

I’ve always loved autumn but I’ve never liked the cold or rather the sudden fall in temperature. This autumn, however cold it may become, seems promising. It is the end of October and I can still see a few girls in ballerinas (no socks) though I wouldn’t consider taking that kind of risk. Everyone knows that Maud (my sambo’s mom) dislikes that but that is another story.

Well I do notice that my skin is slowly drying up and my lips chapping but that’s okay. I’ll just put on lots of body butter and lip balm. I guess I’m just really happy these days. I’m moving to my new home, Helsingborg, this Friday and He is kind enough to give me a ride (so I can bring stuff that I’m going to miss but won’t really be needing it). Then the next chapter of my life begins…