Screaming in Sweden

March 23, 2006, 8:47 pm
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This picture was taken on my mom’s birthday last year. It is the only picture of them that I readily have in my mac. My papa is on the far left and the other two are good friends of them. Chatted with my papa today and I realised how much I am longing home!… not to say that I am unhappy here, in fact, I am probably living the best year of my life (final uni year)!

TV is showing only crap nowadays. Kinda entertaining anyway. It’s ’10 years younger’ on Kanal 5 at the moment. Apparently all it takes is just a little surgery here and there, some botox, a professional haircut, laser on the teeth, a little makeup, some new clothes and voila… you’d look at least 10 years younger! ;)


Birthday cake
March 18, 2006, 4:28 pm
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It was Charlotta’s birthday last thursday and she had baked a cake for us. It was a cake with Swedish flag as the motif – very typical of Swedes who secretly adore their beloved country. When asked “Why the flag?”… “It’s just decorative, that yellow and blue flag”. Never in my life had I met any Malaysian who would use our flag known as ‘Jalur gemilang’ as a decorative item, especially on a cake.