Screaming in Sweden

I miss home
June 24, 2005, 4:21 am
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Now that I’m in Sweden, I do miss KL sometimes… The grass is always greener on the other side.

1. The hot and sunny weather… I brought all my sundresses here, but so far there has been only 2 days when it’s warm enough to wear those lil dresses.

2. Cheap, a great variety of food, clothes, shoes, accessories… etc. Of course you find cheap stuff here too, for eg. H&M offers trendy durable clothes and accessories at very cheap prices but they are everywhere and I believe most young Swedes wear H&M… so you’re very likely to own the very same top as the rest.

3. My car. (My father was kind enough to pay for it!)

4. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, most pubs in KL give out free flow of drinks to the ladies. I remember when me and my girlfriends went out and we got a bit excited (free flowing vodka and tequila)… So, we sat at this tiny pub (quite dead) for more than four hours listening to very awful band. But it’s free!

5. Like a true Malaysian, I missed the local food alot! Bak gua (ie Chinese BBQ minced pork – like jerky but squarish), sambal, assam laksa, my granny’s bamboo shoots, dimsum, BBQ pork buns and many others… sigh! You can actually get some frozen dimsum or springrolls here, but they are too expensive when you know how much you pay for them in KL!

Time to blog off… Dinner time! :)


Play ’em now!
June 24, 2005, 3:59 am
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Grand Theory is available at my multiply website!

First take
June 22, 2005, 10:48 am
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grand theory

Meet this band, Grand Theory. I know nuts about music… but this one has surely made a charming impression on me (not only because my sambo is the lead singer :twisted: ).

In merely five months, Grand Theory has produced the most colourful record I know. Their self-written debut album, titled ‘first take’ (as every song was recorded at first take in just six hours with loads of beer), unveiling some groovy songs which promise to take you unaware.

My favourite number has got to be Rendezvous, a real jazzy and funky tune with engaging melody that thrills me to bits. For a quick punk-rock treat, fast forward to Mabuk Cinta or ‘drunk in love’… this one sounds like it’s recorded live and you can almost hear the crowd cheering at the end of the song.

Next up is Consumerism, a sophisticated song with an earnest message from the vocalist, who wrote the song with a hint of irony. Then there’s this metallica-lised song, Without My Angel, which I love to bits particularly the intro.

I have played the album to many, and everyone loves this catchy, lively song – Kickback or what the band themselves call it, ‘the cowboy song’.

Too bad Grand Theory’s first take is not out in the market yet but soon I’ll put it up on the net for those who are drooling over ‘em already.